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ICST 2020
Sat 24 - Wed 28 October 2020 Porto, Portugal
Sun 25 Oct 2020 17:45 - 18:00 at Farfetch (D. Maria) - RT5 - Testing for APIs

A natural method to evaluate the effectiveness of a testing technique is to measure the defect detection rate when applying the created test cases. Here, real or artificial software defects can be injected into the source code of software. For a more extensive evaluation, the injection of artificial defects is usually needed and can be performed via mutation testing using code mutation operators. However, to simulate complex defects arising from a misunderstanding of design specifications, mutation testing might reach its limit in some cases. In this paper, we present an open-source benchmark testbed application that employs a complement method of artificial defect injection. The application is compiled after artificial defects are injected into its source code from predefined building blocks. The majority of the functions and user interface elements are covered by creating front-end-based automated test cases that can be used in experiments.

This program is tentative and subject to change.

Sun 25 Oct
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16:00 - 18:00: Research Papers - RT5 - Testing for APIs at Farfetch (D. Maria)
icst-2020-papers16:00 - 16:30
Stefan KarlssonABB AB, Mälardalen University, Adnan CausevicMälardalen University, Daniel SundmarkMälardalen University
icst-2020-papers16:30 - 17:00
Emanuele ViglianisiFBK, Michael DallagoUniversity of Trento, Mariano CeccatoUniversity of Verona
icst-2020-papers17:00 - 17:30
Andrea ArcuriKristiania University College, Norway, Juan Pablo GaleottiUniversity of Buenos Aires
icst-2020-Testing-Tool-Track17:30 - 17:45
Hassan SartajQUEST - UAV Dependability Lab, Muhammad Zohaib IqbalNational University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Muhammad Uzair KhanNational University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
icst-2020-Testing-Tool-Track17:45 - 18:00
Miroslav BuresCzech Technical University in Prague, Pavel HeroutUniversity of West Bohemia, Pilsen, CZ, Bestoun S. AhmedKarlstad University